LDCad Showing path info when in nested mode

Showing path info when in nested mode
Hello everybody,

I've just been making up my mind whther to use stud.io or LDCad for my MOCs. After studying the documentation from Roland Melkert and doing the first test constructions, the decision is pretty clear. As LDCad is, for example, much more flexible in placing parts and, even when working on bigger models, much faster, this will be the way to go.

Concerning the use of flexible parts, I have one question:
When for example placing a rubber band I would like to see an information about the length of the current path. I saw a video tutorial from Roland Melkert which showed this feature (see attachment).

Until now I could'nt figure out how to make LDCad show this information. In my app the last line in the info window is missing.

Can anybody give me a hint? I'm using LDCad 1.6d.

By the way is this the latest version of this great app?

Regards from sunny Bremen

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