LDView Primitive not hires-substituted?

RE: Primitive not hires-substituted?
(2021-02-16, 8:06)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Indeed. What surprises me is that I didn't notice that so far... (but there are relatively few x-16con primitives).

While investigating this, I also discovered that n-16 primitives that are already supported (like ring primitives) don't render correctly for odd values of curve quality. I am updating LDView to round up all odd values except 1 to the next higher value. I will document (in LDView's Help.html) the fact that some primitives won't render correctly when the lowest curve quality is selected.

For the lowest (8-segment-circle) quality setting, it looks like they simply render as if the quality setting were set on the default setting (16-segment-circle). This produces weirdness when they are used alongside non n-16 primitives.
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