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(2021-01-27, 22:37)Brian Williams Wrote: I'm using Bricklink Studio to render instructions containing 3rd party LED lighting components.  Philo was kind enough to generate some draft Brickstuff elements, and I have created others in Part Designer.  But I've hit a wall rendering the thin LED wires.  Studio supports flex hoses (painfully) but the PartDesigner doesn't support flex properties.  

Would anyone able to create a 10 stud long section of .25mm hose will connections and flex properties in tact?  I suspect twisted wires is complicated so I'd be happy with a single strand.

- Brian Williams

The "industry standard" software for what you need is LDCad, which is well supported here in this forum. It can generate flexible parts of any shape, and you can also add connection info via the shadow library. (It won't be compatible with Studio's connection feature, but you should be able to use Part Designer for that.)

You could create a .25mm hose by using the existing pneumatic hose template and scaling it in X and Z. (Or you could just use a cylinder primitive as the segment donor.)
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