Videogame programmer help

Videogame programmer help

this is my first post.
I've been using the various LEGO CADs (LDD, LDraw, Stud.Io) mainly to render parts for a videogame i'm making.

Now, I have two questions, I really appreciate any answer I can get, because I'm no newbie but all of this is getting really confusing and I'm just thinking I need some clarifications.

Ok, I find that LDD, Stud.Io and LDraw have a lot of parts, but when it comes on minifigures the three lack a lot, really a lot of parts that I have phisically. Now, don't get me wrong, I KNOW that there is a lot of work behind anything so that every part is a lot of work from people not paied for the job, so really I understand this. But I take also into account that I am doing something wrong EG. not working properly or not looking in the right place. 
So: is that true that minifigure weapons, headgear and armours (I am doing a fantasy game) are so few, or am I looking in the wrong direction?

Ok, the game I'm making it's a 2d classical styled one, so I just need renders. But I really wish to move to 3d sooner or later. I found out that my framework fully supports Blender, so I'd need something that correctly takes stuff into Blender. Well, I found here a plugin... so I was excited I tried to create a minifigure in LDraw, the simplest one, but I didn't see it correctly into Blender. So something didn't work properly. So: did anyone try to render or better animate a minifigure into Blender? If yes, I'd really like to know which process they underwent because that would be a life saver in order to create a working model of a minifigure who walks, jumps and does stuff.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.
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