LDCad It is recommended that melkert should write a book

RE: It is recommended that melkert should write a book
(2020-09-17, 20:01)Roland Melkert Wrote: The manual on my site was suppose to be that 'book' but I kinda got stock at chapter 3 due to lack of time and the fact people don't seem to read it anyway.

Roland, the opposite is true: your documents are the only reason I started with LDCAD, really. LDCAD GUI is [diplomatic tone=maximum]not much standard[/diplomatic] Big Grin  and I was absolutely lost when seeing it for the first time. But after reading your documents and watching your videos, and even the fact itself that you prepared such GREAT documents, I changed my opinion completely and found what everything LDCAD can do.

Your documents are really, really great because they show both the GUI and the usual tasks one need to achieve while working on the lego set instructions or 3D model. So I could understand not only how something could be done but also WHY it was designed in this way. So I could think up other things myself, later - because I understood your way of thinking and the LDCAD design. Really good documentation and many thanks for it, Roland!
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