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RE: Highlight edges in model tree?
(2020-09-16, 1:13)Travis Cobbs Wrote: In my testing, it works for individual edges (just like it works for individual conditional edges), but not for things like 4-4edge.dat. If you highlight a single type 2 line in a file, are you saying that you don't see it highlight? In any event, the current behavior does seem wrong; I will investigate.

I created an Issue in LDView's GitHub repository.

For me, it doesn't work either way. Neither edge primitives nor type 2 lines are highlighted.

However—I just now opened up a file to test some more, and for some reason, in this file it works! Both edge prims and type 2 lines are indeed highlighted. And I can tell the difference if I select a subfile with both faces and edges; in this file, the edges will highlight in the subfile along with the faces, but in most files, only the faces do.

The only caveat I noticed is that if edge lines are being shown in geometry prefs, the highlight will z-fight with it; if I turn off edge lines, then they will highlight cleanly.

But, so far I've just found the one file where it works. If I open the subparts of that file, it doesn't work anymore.

EDIT: I just tested another part where it works for edge prims, but not for type 2 lines.
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