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(2020-07-02, 3:10)Orion Pobursky Wrote: There are no subpart textures on the PT right now (or in the official library) but I'd like to figure this out before it becomes an issue. I think the way the PT is handling subpart textures is wrong.

The UI on the PT submit page lists "\parts\s\textures" as the subpart texture file path

However the !TEXMAP spec states "a search for the specified texture file will first be attempted after adding a "textures\" prefix to the filename". By my reading this means subpart textures files should be in "parts\textures\s".

I always considered the type 1 string a reference not a filename.

So "1 ....... s\123.dat" translates into

Reference s\123.dat
fileName: 123.dat
path: d:\ldraw\parts\s\123.dat

then it will search for s\123.dat in

1 the mpd if any
2 same folder as the containing file
3 library parts
4 library p

Once 123.dat has been found a texture used in that file will be searched for in

1 the mpd if any
2 same folder (as the .dat) \textures
3 library parts\textures
4 library p\textures
5 same folder
6 library parts
7 library p

This means if a texture meta references s\123.png it will look for


So in short, it should be a prefix to the reference used in the texture meta.

It might be good practice to just always use 123.png without 's' in the meta's.

side note:  this makes me wonder if <mpd>\textures\s\123.png should be checked too.
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