LDPE Plans for an experimental LDPE 2.0 (LDPartMaker)

Plans for an experimental LDPE 2.0 (LDPartMaker)

just wanted to say that I started to work on a long-term alternative for LDPE, called LDPartMaker.
This "next-gen" version is an offline web application which runs inside a modern web browser of your choice.
LDPMs main focus should be usability and compatibilty to other operating systems like Linux and Mac OS X.
My personal purpose of this project is to learn something new about modern web technologies.

The big challenge of this project is seamless integration with the local file system.
A web application can't simply read your local LDraw library files or your local subparts from a project.
But, there is currently a very interesting WC3 draft on this "native file system access" topic: https://wicg.github.io/native-file-system/

Project advantages:
- Runs fast on any modern browser (in combination with a standard graphics card).
- Does not need additional runtimes (.NET Framework, JVM, etc.).
- Benefits from hardware accelerated 3D graphics and multithreading.
- Is a web application without the need of a connection to the internet.

Project disadvantages:
- Uses 'state-of-the-art' web standards and technology. It does imply that it probably will not run on older systems.
- The access to the file system is limited. We currently have to wait for the WC3 to finish its work.

Core technology:
  • WebGL 2.0 (3D Graphics API)
  • Angular 9 (Framework)
  • TypeScript (Programming Language)
  • HTML 5 File API / Native File System API
  • WebWorkers (Muticore / Multithreading)
At the moment there is nothing more to tell.
You can be excited, but please note that this project depends on upcoming WC3 standards and is not guaranteed to success.
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