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Thank you so much for this exporter.  Smile I really appreciate the new UI and UX. Smile 

Testing set 70618 again, I only wonder at some parts that are reported to be "not found in the official library or on the Parts Tracker" like 25375 (tassel, LDraw already has the base parts in the official library but composed base parts are on the parts tracker) and 25111 (sword, Rebrickable seems to have a LDraw-rendered image of unknown source: the referenced LDraw number does not exist and I could not find any sword with my limited search abilities). Is this something at Rebrickable?

(2020-05-18, 15:47)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Thanks for the offer.

I think this is a topic for a separate thread but here's what I want help on: the format for the cross ref file. I keep changing my mind on how I want to structure it. I think some input from other developer will help me finalize things. That said, I strongly prefer it be JSON (or XML if you twist my arm).
I don't know if this is the separate thread. Wink  But I like to sustain my offer to support in any way (I dislike XML, too). Smile
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