LDCad Concave collision detection

Concave collision detection
Mr. Melkert

Just for some background...

I am developing a LDraw game that uses JBrickable connection data to snap to location.

I have successfully implemented connector location data for the LDraw bricks and the parts connect at the locations I need. 

I am running into a problem where I would need to check for collisions between the meshes to see if the position is okay to place.

Obviously, the LDraw meshes are concave and I cannot find collision detection between two concave meshes.

For example:

This would be okay...

.png   Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 6.19.44 PM.png (Size: 65.32 KB / Downloads: 55)

This wouldn't:

.png   Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 6.20.12 PM.png (Size: 62.43 KB / Downloads: 56)
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