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(2020-04-14, 19:09)Roland Melkert Wrote: Anyone (SteerCo?) has some ideas or pointers on this ?

Note this is not an official SteerCo position but just my personal opinion from the perspective of someone who was deeply involved in the license discussions.

From the perspective of the LDraw license, any usage is allowed as long as attribution is given. We have a page explaining this on the LDraw.org website. The reason we went this way instead of, say, the GPL is that (some) commercial companies are GPL shy. Since this was the time of the initial releases of LPub and LDraw was increasingly being used in LEGO related books, we didn't want to stifle this growth. In fact, pretty much every unofficial LEGO book published since uses LDraw in some way. Yah, we don't get compensated but this is a hobby not a money making venture. As long as people are willing to donate to cover server costs, I think I'm good.
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