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(2022-04-23, 6:41)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Always interesting to discuss this kind of details with someone else...
I based the brim length on this: but I now see that it actually enters the opening in back wall so it can be a bit longer. Agree with the other points too, I'll try to improve.

Edit: Attached modified version, if we agree I'll then build inside!

Modified version looks like the same dimensions, to me…?

I made a couple of (very unscientific) sketches to show what my eye is seeing:

The rectangle is in 2:1 ratio, comparing the width of the crest to the surface of the brim. Otherwise, the shape from top angle looks very good!
I rubber-stamped the ear stud, showing there's room for 3 more of them under the hat. And the end of the brim seems to sit at or below the center of the ear (if he were wearing it horizontal, anyway).
LDCad sketch of where I think the curve might be…roughly…. Actually it's probably somewhere between my version and yours because I forgot to account for the thickness. :-)
I also wondered if the front of the hat is a little too blunt, but that's getting really picky and kind of depends on the angle you're looking at!

Like we said, hard to guesstimate without a physical part present—but they only ever came in this one set (218/340)!
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