Where do these renders come from?

RE: Where do these renders come from?
(2020-01-13, 8:11)Hendrix Wrote: I've come across a few parts in Rebrickable that have 3D renders, but I can't find the part in LDraw or in Studio.  For example:  https://rebrickable.com/parts/10164pr000...top-print/
This is a LEGO image:

Quote:As an aside, I have found many cases where there isn't a part (official or unofficial) in LDraw, but there is one in Studio.  Why would that be?
Bricklink uses any 3D meshes they can find and convert to LDraw format. This would be all well if they didn't use sometimes plain stupid origin/orientations (eg. gears with off-axis origin!) thus causing LDraw import/export incompatibilities!!! See for ex. https://forum.bricklink.com/viewtopic.ph...d80b#p3951
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