Axle hole primitive on a Bar connection.

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RE: Axle hole primitive unsing chrds
Fitting axleholes into parts is something we should address IMHO.

Mostly they are embedded into either a ndis or a ring primitive. Once a Prim-Substitution is done, gaps appear, as the axleholes themself are mostly just surfaces. So it looks that seperate surfaces to embed an axlehole might seem the better solution to avoid these gaps.

I noticed that


are using 1-8chrd prims on their "thicker" parts of the axlehole to better fit to the prims that surrond them.

Additionally, the axl2hole is using a 1-4ering to ocver the thinner side.

As this is not uniform and to make the axleholes interchangable AND avoid gaps, there might be two solutions:

a) Not using chrd and ering in the axle prims
Let the user of the axlehole decide hwo to embed it, so the user can choose if it will be embedded in a ndis/ring and add the necessary 4-4ering themselves, or use triangles/quads

b) using chrd/ering in the axlehole prims
This would imply that an Axlehole is always embedded in a ndis/ring
Embedding it in surfaces would lead to overapping surfaces

I would prefer a).

Nevertheless, I think in the primref we sould give a "best-practice" on how to use those in the end
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