How to use submodels & groups

RE: How to use submodels & groups
(2019-12-31, 20:20)N. W. Perry Wrote: Another recommendation I've seen is that submodels should correspond to sub-assemblies that appear in building instructions, especially if they have their own building steps shown in a callout.

And yet another is that submodels are useful for keeping assemblies together that might need to be hinged, rotated, or otherwise positioned as a group—in animation, for example, or just for posing the model.

I use a combo of the above 2.  Since I too primarily do OMR models, I lean heavily on the former use while also employing the latter when it makes since to do so.

I have also started submodelling discreet blocks of the model. For example, the main model, stand, and individual minifigs will all be in separate files and posed together in the main model.
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