Renaming Groups

RE: Renaming Groups
(2019-12-05, 1:16)Roland Melkert Wrote: It's not a feature Big Grin

But I can't seem to replicate this.

Did you do anything else 'special' before or after changing the name?
not that i can find. select a few parts using ctrl+left mouse, group either from the menu or ctrl+g....
just tried it again and something seems to have been fixed. but now i'm missing a few parts from my favorites list, u9504.dat for one....
on my first big model the problem . except now in also moves the selected group, where before it was located at x1,240 y0 z3,400 it changed the , to a .
maybe update to not use a comma in numerical values?
edit: deleting the comma when renaming the group retains original position!
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