LDraw - Part "Behaviour" Descriptions and Conditions

LDraw - Part "Behaviour" Descriptions and Conditions
Looking around the forum at other posts and threads discussing improvements to the LDraw file standards etc made me start thinking about individual part behaviours.

Some of these have been discussed and even implemented already but I wonder if they could be grouped and streamlined somehow?

Each part clearly has its "Physical" characteristics. (sorry if i use the incorrect modelling vocabulary)

1. Physical Part - including 
     1a. - Complete Frame
     1b. - Primitives
     1c. - Texture
     1d. - Color
     1e. - Pattern

After hitting some modelling limitations across various platforms, I'm imagining a file standard that could natively describe the various "behaviour" characteristics of each part. Some behaviours are already handled through different methods whilst others seem to be undefined yet.

2. Part Behaviours - including
     2a. - Connectivity (Snapping)
     2b. - Hinge Points (Hinge points, rotation angles, etc)
     2c. - Length (Parts clearly fixed in length, though would allow application to string lengths, pipe lengths, and rubber band type applications. Could this be applied to ideas of elasticity by using open limits for strings etc but defined limits for compression and elasticity?)
     2d. - Flexibility (already being progressively applied to various parts across platforms.)
     2e. - Gravity (to describe how a part behaves with gravity, ie chains and loose string)
     2f. - Elasticity (not sure if this is the best word but the intent to describe a parts ability to stretch (+) or hold tension (-). Intended for use with technic rubber bands etc)
     2g. - Compression (used to  describe the parts ability to compress, imagined for springs in shock absorbers in this instance, could be merged with Elasticity as a negative value.)

Just thoughts.
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