LDView Image save based on real life size?

RE: LDView Image save based on real life size?
(2019-11-01, 1:08)Roland Melkert Wrote: I was wondering (also as a result from lpub fov problems thread)...

Why does LDView use such a low FOV value?

With such a FOV it's like you extremely far away.

I would measure the real life width and observer distance to get a realistic FOV.

my 2cts.

LDView does not support true orthographic mode, so using a very small FOV simulates it. For instructions, that is normally what you want. (As far as I know, all of LEGO's official instructions use orthographic projection.) For a 3D viewer, probably not so much, which is why LDView's default FOV is 45 degrees. Since the request here was for the brick to look actual size, I assumed that Cam's Bricks would also want an orthographic projection of the brick, and hence that is what I suggested. "Actual size" doesn't mean much if the bricks that are farther away are smaller than the ones that are close.
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