3D printed Lego bricks?

RE: 3D printed Lego bricks?
(2019-10-28, 19:37)Mark Kennedy Wrote: Does anybody have any experience with 3D printing their own Lego bricks? How does it work and what software is needed? Can regular LDraw DAT files be used?

I don't have experience by myself, but I know some guys how regularly do print their (custom) parts. Mainly technic pieces that some people wish for, but so far Lego hasn't produced like a 4L Pin.

Search Shapeways for "efferman".

He's mainly active on a german website, doctor-brick.de, but he's also active on Eurobricks, see his thread for his custom parts:

He's producing his own STL files as far as I know.

I think printing with a consumer printer is not really an option...
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