Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures

RE: Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures
(2020-01-16, 22:26)Roland Melkert Wrote: Sorry for the confusion.

I liked that version of the proposal except its sub-subfile nature.

I wanted to solve that by making !DATA a special version of FILE so they are 'normal' subfiles for programs whom support it.

And there won't be a need for scoping rules etc as it can use the normal FILE search order methods already available in MPD supporting software.

I see where complications might show up. In LDView, once I load a file, it always wins when any other reference looks for a file of the same name. In order to support MPDs, I use a two-pass approach, where a placeholder for each sub-file is stored in memory on the first pass, so on the second pass any reference will find the placeholder before looking for the file on disk.

So, what we need to do is specify that !DATA entries behave just like MPD FILE entries for binary data, but are not otherwise related.

(2020-01-16, 22:26)Roland Melkert Wrote: I thought we wanted to drop the mpd/ldr distinction of files anyway?

And because it's all comments like you said the file (using !DATA as an alt FILE) won't even register as mpd in non supporting software.

I wan't referring to the extension. Aren't MPD files supposed to begin with 0 FILE?
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