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(2019-09-11, 7:06)Afynyth Ten Wrote: Currently I've been using Buf3D+ on my Google Pixel 2 XL but I was curious to know if LDraw team has any plans to release a dedicated mobile client in near future.

LDraw viewer/editor are not made by LDraw.org. We mere caretake the LDraw standard and distribute the library. The program that use the library are wholly independent from us. It just so happens that most of the software authors are active here but that's not always the case (there one notable forum abstainer that I won't name). 

That said, I think WebGL has matured to the point that it's usable to build a decent viewer. We've even implemented such viewer here on the Parts Tracker and the OMR. I do plan to make a page where users can upload am model and view it in browser. The 2 primary WebGL viewer implementations that we use will have to have TEXMAP support added before that happens.
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