[LDCad] Custom flex object question

RE: [LDCad] Custom flex object question
(2019-08-30, 17:47)Roland Melkert Wrote: I see, it might work if you use a bit of roll otherwise the connection to the pins will deform.

But in the end the generator was more or less designed with round/symmetric parts in mind. Stretching the two axles as one will only work up to a certain point.

Minimizing the number of control points might help as it will prevent weird jumps in the shape which will be amplified otherwise (like the misalignment of the two axle ends connected to the pins)

You could use this template to roughly place the pins part, then copy paste the posori from the fallback and use loose axles to do the real placements.

It works fine as is. I'll prolly just keep it. I was just curious if the spec supported an asymmetrical look.
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