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(2019-12-05, 1:34)Roland Melkert Wrote: - Make a copy of the model (backup)
- Make sure the minifig is in a submodel
- Find a unique small piece in the bin that is not used in the model (e.g. a 1x1 plate with some weird pattern).
- Place the helper part at locations you want the minifig to walk to, like a trail of breadcrumbs to follow.
- Create a new story animation for the model using the template button on the main models header dialog' scripting page.

After this you could write a script that moves the minifig from helper part to helper part and at the same time sync the position of a first person camera to the minifig's face location.
As you only need the position of the helper parts you can hide them in the animation script.

If it is indoors you might also want to move a light source along or the povray export will be very dark.

I'll see if I can setup something basic you could use as a starting script as I realize this uses things not really used in the examples (camera/light).

the model in LDraw has plenty of lighting so i don't know why i would need a light source. I did find something called pov ray (light.dat) but it does'n seem to do anything when placed in the model.
I have a headless minifig submodel with the part center moved to the top of the neck peg, which puts it at about eye-level. i just dont have any idea yet how to make the camera attach itself to that center or follow the submodel move-for-move.
what is a helper part?
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