pattern coordination and optimization efforts

RE: pattern coordination and optimization efforts
Indeed completing missing patterns is a Herculean task!  Big Grin

These last days I spent some time on part 3070b (Tile 1 x 1) as Gerald did with 98138 (Tile Round 1 x 1)

So far if I'm not wrong there are 15 remainings but keeping up-to-date is very hard compared to the number of new patterned parts being released each year.

The complex task sometimes is also finding good quality pictures, for example, I do not find a good one for this part:

For the priority I agree with Gerald it is not necessarily the number of sets using the part which defines the priority but rather people needs.

On my side, I started a few months ago to share photos of my own parts on a shared drive folder:
I still need to add more of them but also to remove those which have been done already.
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