LGEO part lg_48933 in AIOI

LGEO part lg_48933 in AIOI
Hello there,

I've been lurking in the shadows for years, but decided to join in.

While rendering two of my models I found out that the part lg_48933 that comes with the AIOI looks like this:

[Image: 640x360.jpg]

After testing for a while, the solution turned out to be simple, the first instance of:
scale <-1, 1, 1>

Should read like this:
scale <1, -1, 1>

And the file now renders correctly, like this:

[Image: 640x360.jpg]

Here is the file itself.

.inc   lg_48933.inc (Size: 41.2 KB / Downloads: 1)

Hope that helps. Admins please, redirect this post if necessary.
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