Too many decimals.....

RE: Too many decimals.....
(2019-05-17, 14:42)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: There are many tools that can perform this automatically, among them LDPartEditor, Datheader and LDrawDesignPad.

In Datheader open Options/Preferences and set decimal accuracy to a prefered value. I use 4/5/4 in my reviews.

In LDDP open Tools/Options/Configuration_Values/Edit Behaviour and set Decimal Accuracy

In LDPE click on Round-button. 00>0. Open settings with Ctrl+Click, on that button, or use shortcut Alt+C and set Rounding Precision.

Do you know of Unificator?
When I think I'm done with a pattern, (I use both LDDP and LDPE), I often change the settings and round off all the values to only have two decimals.
I then use Unificator, with "Snap on subfiles" activated. This gives a low number of decimals where is doesn't matter, and a higher number of decimals around curved primitives.
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