Using Anton Raves library with PovRay 3.7

Using Anton Raves library with PovRay 3.7
Twelve years ago I spent over 2 years making a lego movie with Pov-Ray 3.1 and Anton's libraries.  I made the original Alpha Team characters and based the movie on them.  Now I would like to go at it again and using 3.7, I'm struggling to get those libraries working again.  I hate to start over with some of the other tools I see mentioned, so is there some way I can get everything working with 3.7?

Yes I could go back to 3.1, but the render times with the 64-bit version are so much faster, and I'm sure there's other features I haven't even had time to explore.

The error I'm seeing in minifigs_official.lib implies that "yellow_tex" isn't defined, even though it's defined in materials.lib, which I include before I include minifigs_official.
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Using Anton Raves library with PovRay 3.7 - by Kelly - 2019-05-09, 19:57

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