Is creating a new LDraw primitive allowed?

Is creating a new LDraw primitive allowed?
I'm working my way through addressing issues identified in some stickers I have submitted. One of the suggestions is to use a primitive instead of some quads.

Using "Rings and Cones", I can see some primitives with a suitable radius once a scaling factor is applied. However, rather than wanting a ring, I'm looking for a partial ring. While one of the primitives (3-16ring14) I could use is already available, a second one (3-8rin21) is not. I have played with PrimGen2 to generate the second desired primitive locally.

My question is, if I'm modelling a part and need a currently unavailable primitive, am I allowed to simply define the appropriate primitive (using PrimGen2) and submit the primitive through the parts authoring process? If this isn't allowed, is there an an (official) alternative way to get a new primitive created?

I do have an alternative where I can use a different primitive and apply a scaling to it but the ring segment ends up being too "thick" compared to the actual sticker. My preference is to try to model the sticker with the ring segments having the actual measured thickness.


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