Printing parts from Ldraw part database

RE: Printing parts from Ldraw part database
(2019-02-25, 12:51)Philippe┬áHurbain Wrote: LDraw models are meant for display usages, not manufacturing ones ­čś×
So they contain many approximations that don't hinder their display usages, but are not precise enough to get good mechanical properties. For example pin holes are modeled as 16-sided prisms instead of true cylinders. That's enough to cause pin insertion problems!

That explains it, thanks.
The models are quite close though and i think that if base parts could be tweaked, then the usage model can be extended to hobby printing too Smile 
Don't mind the 16-sided prism, the printer makes it quite close to a cylinder, so pin insertion is not such big of a problem. The radius of the cylinder and the inner spacing of the axle hole, however are a blocker Sad
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