ldconfig.ldr chrome colors and parts tracker.

ldconfig.ldr chrome colors and parts tracker.
I'm not quite sure how you sneaky guys on the LSC got this one by me. Wink

Apparently while I was sleeping somebody managed to define a few chrome colors in the ldconfig.ldr file in positions 60-63, which have been reserved for almost forever by ldlite as transparent colors in the range 32 to 63. Now, ldglite inherits the colors from the ldlite code so these display as transparent instead of chrome, and will do so on the parts tracker if you're still using ldglite to render the parts. It's not a big deal to change the ldglite code, but if you want to fix these chrome colors on parts tracker you're gonna need a recompile of ldglite, or else switch to ldview. Or you could redefine the chrome colors in ldconfig.ldr to occur above color 63. Chrome_black, gold, and silver are defined above 63, so they're ok already.

Any thoughts on this?
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