75104 Minifigure, headgear SW Kylo Ren

75104 Minifigure, headgear SW Kylo Ren
Hey guys! I'm new here! I am a former stop motion maker and I have plans to make Lego films in auto desk's Maya. I haven't seen any new Star Wars episode 7 and 8 material (yes, I can understand why) but I have a really funny script I want to use to kick off my channel. If any of you guys would like to help make a Kylo Ren helmet (Part 6124603) that would really help me out! I would make it in Maya but I'd like it to be more to scale so I figured I'd ask. If the helmet is too much, if anyone would like to do just his face and maybe torso? That would also be amazing. I would only need it in a few months, no deadline, I can make other films while waiting anyways. Thanks guys!  
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