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(2018-12-21, 2:19)Travis Cobbs Wrote: [*]SNAP_INCL really needs the snap info to be in a separate file from the geometry, unless we have dat files that only contain snap info and nothing else. The spec itself, being based on LDCad, mentions "shadow library" in three places.
Include will copy the (non recursive) snap info of the given file as currently merged in memory. But I was planning to extend it to (also) allow for generic include files in LDCad 2 so I'm open to do the same here.

(2018-12-21, 2:19)Travis Cobbs Wrote: [*]I'm not sure I like the fact that many (but not all) of the meta-statements and parameters are heavily abbreviated. For example: SNAP_FGR instead of SNAP_FINGERS, an ori instead of orientation. The fact that "origin" (which is instead called position in this spec) also starts with ori further confuses things.
This was mostly to prevent "code bloat". The same reason for the defaults, as only properties with non default values need to be given. Hence the split of position and orientation.
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