Part Snapping Language Extension

RE: Part Snapping Language Extension
> will that mean that all* parts wil have to go through the tracker again to include snapping metadata?

I think that's the wrong wording.
It just means that if someone wants to add that info to a part, it can be done,
and it is allowed on the PT, and, if present, will/should be included in the part review.

Pumping all parts onto the PT is not the way to go.
As we are all volunteers, people will have their favorite parts to work on, and it will depend on time and dedication
if and whether a part gets snapping info officially attached.

It will take a long time until all official parts carry that information.
In a far future, when that is the case, we then (in 10 years or so) can make connectivity info mandatory (like nowadays we require BFC).

Everybody remember the times when
- parts were not even syntactically correct
- parts were not BFC correct

These times have long gone now. All official parts
- have undergone a syntax check
- carry proper BFC info now

So, there is hope Smile
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