Proposed Flexible Part Language Extension

RE: Proposed Flexible Part Language Extension
(2018-11-30, 21:19)Orion Pobursky Wrote: The proposal for flexible part extension is now ready for discussion. I basically copy, pasted, and wiki formatted Roland's LDCad spec.

Here are some thoughts/notes for discussion:
- The wiki has a talk page for discussion. Please do not use that and have all discussions here.
- I removed the LDCAD prefix, should we add something else?
- I think we should officialize any unofficial donor parts Roland uses in LDCad
- I think we should require auto-generated fallback code. Thoughts?

I think a FLEX prefix would be appropriate in place of the LDCAD one. That groups the PATH and SPRING metas together.

Could you explain what the utility is of having these show up in official parts? I'm not sure I'm understanding the use case in the official library.

I also don't understand what you mean by auto-generated fallback code. LDView doesn't support any of these metas, but it was my understanding that they were designed to be used by the editor to then generate standard LDraw geometry. So only editors would have any need to support them. Am I missing something important?
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