LDraw brick models - not detailed?

LDraw brick models - not detailed?
I'm working on a rendering application which requires very accurate models of all LEGO parts.
Naturally the LDraw library is a first stop for me, but I am running into some curious cases of lack of detail even in very common parts like 2xN bricks.
If you look at the underside of a real (modern) 2 x 4 brick for example, you will see a number of small supports, as well as divots where the studs stick out. However, such details are not present in even high resolution LDraw models.

I think it's fair enough if LDraw has some sort of philosophy that the part authors don't worry too much about this sort of detail. But I was just wondering if I was missing anything, or if there was a way to access more detailed part files, especially for very common elements such as these.

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