LDCad part/step insertion at current source location vs. end?

LDCad part/step insertion at current source location vs. end?
Hey guys,

Long time MLCad user (in fact, it's my old 3DStudio render of the 8816 kit that Michael used for the splash screen and I did the MLCad logos for him).
I just started playing with LDCad and had one question.
Being a part author from *way* back in the days when James was still with us Sad , I'm very much into keeping my .dat source ordered in a very specific way, with parts being added in a sequential order from bottom to top (Y) back to front (Z) and left to right (Z) so that each piece can be seen as it is added, regardless of the step separations. Just the way I like to work. This means I'm often dropping parts into the middle of the existing list as I copy/paste, decide to break things into smaller steps, etc.

With MLCad parts were always added (or duplicated) immediately following the current item you have selected in the .dat window (part, step, comment, whatever). So far it seems like adding (or duplicating an existing) part or step in LDCad always wants to place it at the end of the current model/submodel source. This is cumbersome for me as I then have to move the part up where I want it in the actual source if I happen to be making a mid-dat edit. It's just my preferred way of organizing elements within steps. 

I've looked at the docs, checked the shortcuts and all pref settings I can find but see nothing that allows me to specify that I want new pieces (whether they be dragged from the parts bin or duplicated from existing pieces with key shortcuts) to be placed immediately following my current location in the source. Can this be done?

I'm sure lots of people don't even edit with their source window open and never worry about it, but I keep it open and docked and want very tight control over the order of every element placed in it, so not having to manually move things around after adding them would be very helpful.

And thanks to lots of you here. After being all about MLCad for... wow, like almost 20 years now... I forced myself to check out LDCad after reading lots of praise for it. For now it's still a bit cumbersome in many ways (for me) over MLCad, but I can see the potential and hopefully it'll make future documentation/releases of our model line easier.

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