NXT Motor 9842-1

RE: NXT Motor 9842-1
(2018-04-09, 10:00)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
(2018-04-09, 9:11)Andy Congdon Wrote: I am using lego parts to make a control system for Secondary Education.

I have access to an engineering shop, but need to provide accurate dimensions for the hole layout / external body size of the Interactive Servo Motor (9842-1) on NXT2.0.

I have found this information for beams (http://i.stack.imgur.com/83RL2.png) but need to get more accurate information about the motor to embed it in a backplate. Hoping someone can help.
I might be one of the few people that could help... but I have nothing. And LDraw model of NXT motor is probably not precise enough for your purpose Sad

Thanks, Phillipe. 

I realised at some point I'd have to get out my vernier, I've modeled most of the system in LDraw, and hoped that the internals of the program might have real numbers that I could interrogate.
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