worth to post a model on 'LEGO ideas'

worth to post a model on 'LEGO ideas'

Since a few weeks I am clicking around for lego stuff and found the Lego ideas page. I had a look on the proposed models there. Some are really nice i.e. the LL928 comes home.

But after all Lego has to give her approval. Looking over the approved models (so those ones which gathered already 10k votes) it is hard for me say why this one and not the other one. I mean, obviously Lego is a Company and has to follow their market strategy. That is understandable.

But, is it really worth to post a model there? Have you done it already? Would you do it again.
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worth to post a model on 'LEGO ideas' - by Joscha - 2018-03-18, 8:27

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