LPub3D not saving rendering preferences

RE: LPub3D not saving rendering preferences
Those 2 problems are probably not related. I have the problem about not saving render preferences too, but not the unofficial parts problem.

The render preferences problem started a bunch of weeks ago. I had LPub3D set-up perfectly fine with LDview and LDGLite. I then wanted to do a quick test with Pov-Ray and thus I added Pov-Ray to the preferences. And that's when things got annoying. Ever since that day, it just won't save my LDView setup. Every time I open the program, I have to go to preferences, enter my LDView location and set the renderer to LDView. It's driving me nuts!

The weird thing is that it never did this before, so I was wondering if it could have had something to do with the recent major Windows update, but since you're on a Mac that sounds highly unlikely.

As for the unofficial parts problem, you need to make sure that the unofficial parts that don't work are in LPub3D's internal library too. I don't know where it is located on a Mac, but on Windows it's in:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\LPub3D Software\LPub3D\libraries\lpub3dldrawunf.zip
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