LPub3D not saving rendering preferences

LPub3D not saving rendering preferences

First up - a big thankyou for the continued development of LPub3D. It's a big step up from LPub. However, I've two problems which I think is related and wondered if anyone could help?

Problem 2 - custom parts don't render properly or appear in the BOM. I've seen the threads about this, and I think it might be related to...

Problem 1 - I'm asked to give the paths to the renderers every time I open LPub3D (and, co-incidentally this dialog pops up behind the splash screen!) So, I'm not sure if the preferences are properly saving. Logo path, Trademark etc etc - all do save, but the renderers don't

So, I'm wondering if the preferences not saving are also affecting the path to the unofficial parts too? This is on High Sierra on a current Macbook Pro, but I've just upgraded and it was the same on Sierra on my previous Macbook air too. So I don't think it's install related. Looking in the 'Application Support' directory, I can't see a plist - so does anyone know where the preferences should be saved?

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LPub3D not saving rendering preferences - by Warren Elsmore - 2018-01-18, 21:49

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