What requires a HOLD vote on the Parts Tracker

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RE: What requires a HOLD vote on the Parts Tracker
(2018-02-24, 11:13)Michael Heidemann Wrote:
(2018-02-24, 8:54)Willy Tschager Wrote: 31 http://www.ldraw.org/article/398.html#Syntax Prompt
32 ???
33 http://www.ldraw.org/article/398.html This is clearly wrong as (Needs work) is allowed.
34 ???
35 http://www.ldraw.org/article/340 Prompt for primitives

Mike! Please help.


I just answer right our of my mind:
33: - what do you mean with "Prompt"
34: These words are time based (now) and shall be not used - see several discussions in the old forum
35: clearly correct, as you have to describe what needs work in the comments
36: There is a problem with the !Category entry. - i need to file to see what causes this error.
37: - what do you mean with "Prompt" - primitives are not allowed to carry a !Category entry.

If I remember correctly this is all written in the documentation of DATHeader. Currently I do not have the time to look into it. Sorry.

Based on Mike's feedback:

33: Not an error
34: Style based, not an error
35: Not an error
36: If it's for a !CATEGORY without an entry or a category that is not on the master list then hold
37: Hold for primitives and subparts
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