Mapping Lego parts to library

RE: Mapping Lego parts to library
Hello Karen,

The number you try to look up is actually the LEGO Element ID. It is a combination of the Design and the color. However: Only LEGO knows how this number is generated... Unforunately it isn't simply the Design ID plus the color in front, no, they use some magic computation to generate it.

But, how to get to the right part:
Try Bricklink or Brickset:


will give you the Design ID: 3245 (which you can find in LDraw) plus the color white

To make it easier for you to build something, look up the inventory on Brickset or Bricklink, there you can find directly the DEsign ID of the brick you are looking for.

e.g. for Set (go to inventory)

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