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(2017-11-02, 20:02)Willy Tschager Wrote: Rolf,

I would highly appreciate a search feature for part numbers at Currently it is kind of tedious looking for some RAWs.

Thanks, w.

I know only the way using the url and amending it with the part number...

which browser are you using? you can make a little search engine in Chrome:

-> Settings
-> Manage Search Engines
-> Click ADD
  - search engine "any name" e.g. "LDD_RawDAT"
  - Keyword e.g. "LDD" this needs to be added in the addressbar to start search e.g. ldd 12345
  - URL with%s in place ... ""
-> Click ADD

after entering now "ldd" + [Space] in the addressbar, it changes to the name of the search engine and you can enter "15086"

The file is either downloaded or nothing happens...

That is now the most convenient method I would say
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