Any software to check LDraw model?

RE: Any software to check LDraw model?
(2017-09-17, 11:37)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: Could you provide the file? If you want also through email?

I'm not entirely sure I'm 'allowed' to share it at the moment. But, I solved it today. I was messing with the file trying to get it working. I tried a bunch of things and I'm not entirely sure which thing was the solution, but I suspect it was the following.Ā I came across a few submodels which had a part directly after the FILE line (before the rest of the header like name, author, license etc.), LPub3D might not have liked that. I have no idea how those parts ended up there, the submodels with split headers where not manually edited. Again, not sure that was the problem, I'm gonna try it again later this week.
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