LDCad 2.0 GUI Thoughts

LDCad 2.0 GUI Thoughts
Hi all,

I'm working on the foundation of what is highly likely to become LDCad 2.0, although currently it has little to nothing to do with LDraw specifics.

While doing this a lot of (boring) fundamental classes and tools need to be (re)written. I've done so for strings, list, etc and the OpenGL gui  engine is next.

Problem is I'm not yet sure on what kind of GUI to give LDCad 2.0. I know many people dislike the 1.x one, but I rather like it myself so I want to improve upon it but keep the basis the same maybe making it very dynamic so it can support different looks.

Anyway in order to write the support classes (window handling etc) I need to know what it should be able to do rendering wise etc.

For this I would like to gather some feedback about the current 1.x gui, in other words what is it people really hate about it or what kind of behavior are they missing.

I'm not talking colors though, as you can already change those in 1.x. One thing I'm thinking about myself is something like the blender gui which should be able to (nearly) mimic the 1.6 look as a default template or something.

Any thoughts/ideas/feedback is welcome.

LDCad 2.0 teaser Big Grin

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