Parts Tracker - Division between ne parts and fixes

RE: Parts Tracker - Division between ne parts and fixes
Some additional thoughts on the Parts Tracker and the way it displays the data.

There are a few lists the PT is providing, the ones I mostly use are:
- The File Queue (sorted by date, includes part name and part status) -> parts in status HOLD, Pending Admin and CERTIFIED are excluded
- The Unofficial Parts List (sorted by status, includes part name, part status) -> all parts in, no date
- The Subfile Tree View (sorting unknown) -> excludes part name, part status and date
and of course the Activity View.

What makes the identification of older parts which need to be reviewed a bit difficult for me are the following items:

- Status "subfile isn't certified" when only admin vote is pending
This includes also files which are only pending the admin review, so looking at the might be redundant work
-> what about having another status showing that the subfile is just waiting for the admin review?
i.e. if a subfile is CCX it will be shown in the main part as SX. This should be shown e.g. as DX, notifying theat the aDmin only needs to review the subfile.
-> No need to go into the part details to see that it has already enough votes. One could just skip this file and select another one.

- Why are ON-HOLD files not in the File Queue?
Whay are the excluded? They might need an even higher attention?

- Additional HOLD status.
Some files are on hold due to the fact that the primitive is not used or for a pending discussion in the forum.
-> This "permanent"/"semi-permanent" hold status could be indicated by another letter e.g.  "P" instead of the "H". THat might not be te reason for many files, but might be used as a filter when asking for the File Queue

- Enhancing the Tree View
I like this view a lot as it tells me an immediate overview what a part is made of. What I miss though is the part name, date and the part status.
-> with this information an immediate overview is given due to the colors of the stati. So one is able to identify which subfiles of a part need attention from a higher vantage point.

I did try this in Excel to build a kind of review selection tool. I take the three lists and correlate the information in them. So I get a Part Tree that is pretty colorful and which lets me browse through to identify parts that are not far from certification and to give them priority. The disadvantage is that not everything is possible with pivots and some macros need to run, streching the process everytime the data is newly downloaded.

I did this for myself out of interest to actually check how many "main" parts are pending and which of them are enhancements (F-parts)

Further tweaking (with checkboxes) could mean to exclude the files that are certified or at the admin in the tree view.

Appreciate to know your opinions on this.
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