[LDraw Instruction Visualizer] - Bugs and Improvements

RE: [LDraw Instruction Visualizer] - Bugs and Improvements
(2017-08-01, 8:01)RickyKckao Wrote: I tried the new software a bit. I have some questions. For now, we only can move the parts among steps, but we can't add additional steps or delete the existed steps, right? Can we save the instruction and edit the instruction later? I only can find EXPORT but no SAVE function in LIV. I also tried to rotate the model and exported images, finding that the rotation will affect the exported images. I think it would be better to have exact parameters for users to rotate the model since users are unlikely to manually rotate all images into the same angle if they want. 


At the current level of development, this program can calmly serve as instruction player. I transform him into Editor in next release.
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