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RE: [LDPatternCreator] Problems with export to dat file naming
I have a few issues related to file naming when doing an "export as dat" (on Win 7):
- If I import a dat file a dat file as projection data, add pattern on it then do an "export as dat", proposed filename is the name of file (*) used as projection data. Not a good idea as this leads to overwriting shape file with pattern file. (*) Actually, it's not the file name but the file in "name" field of projection data file header.
- When doing an "export as dat", LDPE properly browse current work folder, but the proposed file name contains a full path to LDPE executable, eg. "C:\Program Files (x86)\LDPatternCreator\toto.dat". If I don't pay attention and hit save button, system proposes to save in my default documents folder instead...
- but the thing that really drives me mad, is that if by misfortune the projection data file carries a header with subfile type in header, when I export .dat in my "work" folder as "titi", it silently creates a file "titis01" in "work\s" folder instead !?! No, if I browse to a folder and give a file name, I want this file and folder to be used...
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