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RE: A.I. Assistant for Pattern Design?
Quote:Did you ever dreamed about a possibility to convert a 2D scan into a pattern?
Oh YES! after making my last pattern (arctic torso) I looked again on the web to see if someone somewhere provided a usable solution but found nothing new Sad
Quote:Well, there was a converter implementation*, but it was impractical and I removed it completely.
Yeah, never succeeded in doing something useful with it Wink
Quote:However... instead of writing a raster image to triangle converter, I would rather implement...
  • ...an A.I.-Assistant which will suggest two triangles after you inserted one triangle (~200% increase in productivity) and/or
  • ...an SVG-to-triangle-converter (like svg2dat)
Both seem interesting...
Quote:There was svg2dat, but now it is forgotten.
Maybe not completely, afaik it's still used in Darats tool chain to make patterns. But it suffers from two drawbacks, poor triangulation (many needle shaped triangles) and very partial svg support (afaik no support of path, so useful to make pattern outlines.
Rolf Osterthun also had an interesting bitmap to ldraw converter that was kind of usable, but he evaluated that the tool was not good enough for general release.
Quote:The following pattern was created by an A.I.:
From a bitmap? overall it looks rather good, but strangely in some areas one side the darker lines was missed?!
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