OBI (Original Building Instructions) meta commands

RE: OBI (Original Building Instructions) meta commands
One of the things I like about the LDraw spec is that it is very generic.

So I can't help wondering why a building instruction meta currently seems to be rendering specific.

Maybe we should adapt this in a more generic fashion, it could then (for example) also include alternate surfaces (like on slopes) some people discussed a while back.

just some brainstorming:

We could for example take the 'set/ifset' thing to a generic compiler directives like level which then can be used in other metas/code blocks too. Also offering the option to be controlled by external variables  (enable/disable bom rendering etc).

And the OBI_BLACK mechanics could ge a generic rendering instruction referring to a surface type (hard coded black in this case defined by an, extended?, !colour meta). Maybe even promote this to a linetype 6 instead of a !xxx  meta.

Then again I might be overthinking this, especially if you're only looking to add this to the library asap.
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